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WOW Amazing HH2 Water Energy cells clean toxic NoX emissions

Posted Nov 19 2013 7:16am
1888PressRelease - HH2 Energy Cells Unlock The Energy Of Water Using 12 Volt Battery Power. On-board Device Creates Live Hydrogen (130 Octane) & Oxygen Gases As A Vehicle Is Driven. HH2 Water Cells Are "The Pollution Solution." C.a.r.b. Authorized HH2 Water Cells Do Not Affect Factory Warranties Or Alter Or Change EPA Factory Emissions Controls, No Moving Parts, More Mpg, Power & Performance From Pennies Of Water. 
AMAZING HH2 HYDROGEN (130 OCTANE) REDUCES OR ELIMINATES TOXIC POISONS FROM VEHICLE EXHAUST EMISSIONS. AS A VEHICLE IS DRIVEN. HH2 cell vapors clean up toxic emission poisons created by fuel burning combustion engines. Two energy vapors released from water are input into the vehicles air stream via two small ports into the air intake. That's it, no emission sensor changes, no timing changes, no added gadgets or alterations to factory EPA preset emissions systems. Just live gases extracted from water.

HH2 cells cause total & complete fuel combustion inside an engine prior to exhaust discharge out the tailpipe. NoX reductions are often ZERO. HH2 cells extract two gas vapors (Hydrogen & Oxygen) from water, each separately from the other. The unique system is totally safe and there is NO on-board storage of the gases. Legal add on power.

HH2 Water energy cells install in any vehicle, as an aftermarket part, use 12 volts of battery power, fit any fuel burning engine. HH2 gases eats carbon from the engine, valves, rings, cat converters and tailpipe. HH2 has Universal Executive Orders from the State of California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) for gasoline and diesel vehicles, up to 20 Liters. Engine oil stays clean.

Users can qualify for I.R.S tax credits ($1000 to $25,000) per vehicle and HH2 cells will lower maintenance costs, improve fuel economy, add more power and torque immediately using the HH2 systems. Reducing toxic emissions is the main goal of HydroElectric power and HH2 Energy. Total combustion of all fuel prior to exhaust discharge = clean air exhaust.

Check out the the website Dyno Tests, See real time You Tube videos search HH2 Hydrogen. HH2 make driving fun again. Cities, States and other Countries accept C.A.R.B. authorizations because California has the toughest government regulations against vehicle air pollution and smog causing sources. 

HydroElectric Power is expanding to all world markets and countries to reduce toxic air pollution and to restore clean air worldwide. HH2 will "CLEAN THE AIR NOW"

Website: http://www.HH2.US Email: Sales ( @ ) HH2 dot US

Contact: Dr. Derek Zupancic 818-340-4470 Email: Dzup ( @ ) HH2 dot US


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