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would one day forget my sex and condition

Posted Jul 07 2012 2:24am
     "How is it with thee now, my daughter? Dost thou  chanel bags outlet  still adhere to the Primitive Church? Do not fear to speak thy mind to Sergius. He too is in the secret of our faith, believing it best to love our Lord from what our Lord hath Himself said.
     "Now I bring this letter to a close. Let me have reply by Sergius, who, when he has seen Constantinople, will come back to me, unless He who holds every man's future in keeping discovers for him a  chanel bags  special use.
     "Do not forget me in thy prayers.
     "Blessings on thee! HILARION."
     The Princess read the letter a second time. When she came to the passage referring to the Primitive Church, her hands dropped into her lap, and she thought:
     "The Father planted right well--better than he was aware, as he himself would say did he know my standing now."
     A glow which might have been variously taken for half-serious, half-mocking defiance shone in her eyes as the thought  discount oakley sunglasses  ran on:
     "Ay, dear man! Did he know that for asserting the Primitive Church as he taught it to me in the old convent, the Greeks and the Latins have alike adjudged me a heretic; that nothing saves me from the lions of the Cynegion, except my being a woman--a woman forever offending by going when and where I wist with my face bare, and therefore harmless except to myself. If he knew this, would he  oakley sunglasses  send me his blessing? He little imagined--he who kept his opinion to himself because he could see no good possible from its proclamation--that I, the prison-bred girl he so loved, and whom he helped make extreme in courage as in conviction, would one day forget my sex and condition, and protest with the vehemence of a man against the religious madness into which the Christian world is being swept. Oh, that I were a man!"
     Folding  cheap louis vuitton handbags  the letter hastily, she arose to return to her guest. There was fixedness of purpose in her face.
     "Oh, that I were a man!" she repeated, while passing the frescoed hall on the way out.
     In the portico, with the white light of the marble whitening her whole person, and just as the monk, tall, strong, noble looking, despite the grotesqueness of his attire, was rising from the table, she stopped, and clasped her hands.
     "I have been  louis vuitton outlet  heard!" she thought, trembling. "That which it refused to make me, Heaven has sent me. Here is a man! And he is certified as of my faith, and has the voice, the learning, the zeal and courage, the passion of truth to challenge a hearing anywhere. Welcome Sergius! In want thou camest; in want thou didst find me. The Lord is shepherd unto us both."
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