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without window, the third quarter,

Posted Dec 31 2012 4:12am
he almost relies on own strength to help the heat win the score. The third quarter remaining three points more minutes, James continuous two direct attack, first on the left side distance, and then to the right high, action is similar, the ball attack stop shot. cheap air max 2011 The heat was 71-62 win, this is also the heat today is one of the largest leading the. Only the third quarter, James tapping the 14 points, and 1 steal 1 cap and 2 assists. If so good performance can continue to the last 12 minutes, maybe today's result would be different. Unfortunately, the NBA [micro bo] the field if not. The heat team and turnovers, including James individuals have 6 times, even more than the bucks team five times. Minor details more than half, James in the screen and roll down mike - dunleavy, blown offensive foul. The foul no necessary, bucks didn't start organization attack, only is in the running system only. Even though James can in error more than half minutes later, with the breakthrough dunks out a evil spirit. But, the heat 78-95 the backward situation, is a dunk not solve problems. Although five days to play four games is a severe test, but as a defending champion, air max 2012 how can the heat out of such a state of being treated game? Yesterday the heat loss to the pistons, can also find opponent substitute collective outbreaks of excuses, and James and cut down 35 points to save the team's. But today the transport method, as the team leader, James need to reflect on the reflection. Miami heat [micro bo] visit Milwaukee, challenge in the east of 5 bucks, the result is 104-85 opponent made a fallen petal flowing water, flight. Defending champion state, worrying. Since the summer of 2010 gather together together big three, the heat is bases with sufficient strength to the title, and experienced two years in the making they finally in this summer favorableness. On one hand, let the whole team to establish self-confidence to sublimation, air max 2012 mens but from another Angle, also let them have lost. We all know that when you toward a specific goal, you will yourself walk the line. And when finally reached the goal, to enjoy the joy of the victory at the same time, also can suddenly feel lost at loose ends. The heat this season's status, is somewhat the meaning, like last season as the mavericks. The players took part in the party too much, even after losing to favor play also more than once.The timberwolves rebounds of blasting, NBA game [micro bo] TV programs specifically discussed the problem of the Miami heat. Host Greg Smith pointed out that in the heat win a championship after obvious in spirit to loosen the regular season, as dispensable routine, think this is the real battle, this is very dangerous. Wade [micro bo] at that time in the program to respond, although do not agree with Smith's view, air max 2012 womens but also admitted the club really can't in every night stay focused. And from yesterday lost piston today negative bucks game process perspective, his denial is the pale. If yesterday to piston can also argued for without wade words, so today the bucks the heat is no excuse can find. The whole game they played in the clouds, the offensive end devil's mistake, several times directly ball out of bounds, and even open baseline ball James didn't see actually hit heel; The defensive end use eyes don't move, let opponents penetration pick-and-roll, like walking in their garden to play... A set of data that the two teams the game different mental outlook: Miami team today appear as much as 21 turnovers, but only and assists,
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