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Will Walk for Gyros

Posted Feb 21 2011 7:54pm

I didn’t do intermittent fasting yesterday, I just ate normally—whatever that means for me, lol. We ordered lunch from Yanni’s Gyro Express Cafe in Monticello. They make the most delicious fresh pitas and orzo salad.

Dustin’s gyro platter comes with a small Greek salad that he donates to me. Yay! :mrgreen: I had him request no stuffed grape leaf, I don’t like them at all. But I do love Greek salads. Mmmm! I drizzled my own EVOO + vinegar on it instead of the Greek dressing it came with. It was a tiny but tasty salad.

Had to transfer it to a real bowl after pics; I tend to attack salads and didn’t want it to leak from the fork punctures. :lol:

I went with the chicken gyro. It tasted a lot like traditional gyro meat.

Their orzo salad is AMAZING! It’s so buttery and light. I love it! They give you the option of fries, orzo, or veggies with most of their food combos, and I just can’t resist the creamy orzo! SO GOOD.

After my glorious Greek themed lunch, I went for an hour-long walk around the neighborhood. The sun was shining but it was only 27F degrees and a little windy. I bundled up and headed out anyway. Cold doesn’t bother me, but it makes my nose run, lol. So I have to bring pocket sniffs with me so I don’t come home like a toddler playing in the snow with boogies running down my face. haha Not sure how many miles I walked, but I’d estimate around 3.5, half of it was pretty hilly, but not too intense for a casual walk. The same path in the summer is harder when it’s hot and humid out. I didn’t go to the end of the road where the pavement ends and it turns to dirt being it was kind of muddy and icy in some parts, but we have some very steep hills in our subdivision that can turn an ordinary stroll around the ‘hood into a moderately hard cardio workout. Yesterday’s walk was easy, but the 2-hour dirt road version totaling about 7 miles is more intense. As soon as this snow that we got last night melts, I’m looking forward to doing daily 2-hour walks. They’re fun and relaxing at the same time. My kind of exercise! 8-)

Question: Do you pronounce gyros GUY-ros, GEAR-os, JYE-ros, or YEAR-os? I heard that the proper way to say it in Greek is actually YEAR-os, but I call them GUY-ros—how about you?

Not wanting to take chances on dirty water, I made dinner with already-made foods that just needed to be heated. I had leftover white bean turkey chili frozen from when I made it a few weeks ago, so I popped the container in the microwave for 6 minutes and it came out perfectly warm, as if it was just made! I also had plain leftover cooked quinoa and Heartland Meadow precooked bacon to use up. What to do?! :idea: Make a busy bowl!

About 2 cups fresh baby spinach, a cup of white bean turkey chili, about a half cup of cooked quinoa, and shredded 2% cheddar cheese melted in the microwave until the spinach was wilted and the cheese was a melty pool of deliciousness. Then, I topped the whole busy bowl with 2 chopped slices Heartland Meadow precooked bacon (50 cal).

The cheese looks like sunrise over a valley, lol.

After pictures were taken, I doused the whole bowl in yellow mustard. :P LOVE mustard!! This busy bowl was FANTASTIC!! So, so, so filling. Quinoa is so underrated! I need to have a container of it cooked in the fridge at all times. It’s so convenient to just reheat it, and it pairs with just about anything. YUMMY! I should use up leftovers and make busy bowls more often. :D Deeeelish.

Do you like dishes that have multiple flavors and textures? I love variety, so I’d say those types of dishes are my favorite!

President’s Day here in the US, do you have any favorite Presidents? I’d have to say mine are:

  • George Washington
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Calvin Coolidge
  • Ronald Reagan

This Gallup Poll taken in Feb 2011 reveals that Americans feel Reagan was the greatest President. Not sure about that, but I am partial to thinking the 1980s were the greatest decade to grow up in! :D Any other 80s babies out there? Holla!

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