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Whatever it takes

Posted Nov 14 2009 10:01pm

I am borrowing this slogan from my principal. He came up with it for this year’s theme. I have used it in some fashion for many people and many circumstances. Whatever it takes to get through to a child, teach a child, get through to a child, whatever it takes, use it.

I have said that if a child is hard to reach or is not making a connection, use their interests to reach them. Make a connection.

Now I find myself taking my own advice. My son has horrible handwriting, however, true to an ADDers form, he can write nicely, when he focuses. He is getting terrible grades in language arts because he is not writing clearly.

He has gotten interested in drawing, but, since his writing is so bad, I never thought much about him drawing.  Duh!

I have now begun to promote his drawing in hopes that his writing will improve.

His teachers are also allowing him to do more assignments on a word processor.  Now we just have to work on his spelling.  He just has to sit down and memorize spelling rules and how certain words are spelled, or give up and spell check EVERYTHING!!  I’ve had to translate for his posts on FaceBook.  He doesn’t seem to care. 

What ever it takes.  I’ll keep trying.

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