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What Will a 1.9 Meter Car Be?

Posted Feb 22 2013 7:53am
Can’t find a parking lot? Well, how about buying this car - Casple-Podadera, only 1.9 meter and I bet you can find a space for it very easily.

While it’s very convenient to drive a car to somewhere, it has become the most annoying thing for people to find the suitable parking space, especially in the big city where every land is expensive than gold. Yes, more and more compact cars have showing up in the market, but they are still too long and not convenient and flexible enough. So we need something smaller, and Casple-Podadera could be the perfect choice.

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Casple-Podadera is designed by a Spanish designer named Francisco Podadera. The length of this car is only 1.9 m, but the width is almost same with ordinary car. This means it can be parked perpendicular to the roadside and don’t need to pull over, which not only save a parking space, but also simplify the parking steps. Even it only has 1.9 meter, it provides comfortable and spacious two seats, just like the car we are driving now, so it won’t be crowed.

The car has a roof, but it doesn’t have to have doors. According to the designer, users can decide on their own if they want the doors, luckily. Casple Podadera meets safety criteria for side impacts, thanks to the honeycomb panels and composite materials used in its construction. It'll feature vertically hinged doors for easy access – even in the tight parking spaces this mini motor is made for. So don’t worry, the car features a tubular framework to ensure safety of its passengers.

Like I said, this car is mainly for saving space, so if you pursue the excitement of driving cars or compete with other drivers, give up early, because it’s not a race car. It is powered by electricity and is capable of running at the speed of 110 km per hour. The car only takes 11 seconds to reach the speed 100 km/h, which is quite good considering it is an e-car. The designer said they have the ability to equip hybrid engines for this car in the future to meet the long-time drive demand of people.

What makes this car unique is that its tires can be folded when the car is not in use to save space and make it fit at places normal cars couldn’t. When will we meet this car? Well, it takes time. The Spanish team is currently working with various parties to explore manufacturing and investor options to bring the car to market.

So what do you think? You think Casple-Podadera can be very useful in the city you live? You will want it badly when you can’t find a parking lot.

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