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What type of learning disability does he have?

Posted by Vince

He has trouble with writing, difficulty with comprehension of stories and instructions as well as organizing school work.  He also has a difficult time with time management.  Is this a learning disability?  He has been tested in the 1st grade and he passed the testing at his school.  But when I reviewed his testing it was extremely simple and not as complicated as what his school work is.  During fourth grade he has shown high grades for science, math and p.e. but has a D/F in his English subject.



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I dont think of it as a disability, just a different way of thinking.  My little girl wont start school till next year and I have been told she may have trouble with writing due to motor coordination problems and lack of strength.  Often there is a lack of imagination so creative writing with subjects such as english can be difficult where as subjects such as maths and science are excelled in.  Visual cues ie boardmaker  can really help with organization problems. Good luck and all the best
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