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What Tim Tebow Can Teach Us About ADHD

Posted Jan 14 2012 10:18am

Tim Tebow seems to be all the rage in the news today. From his message of faith to perserverance to there is much we can learn. Now I’ll admit, I don’t watch the news much. I’ve heard rumblings of Tim Tebow and “Tebowing” but I don’t fall too much into the hype and at one point, I’ll admit I had had enough of this “miracle” man and his story of being a great athelete we should all look up to.

But this past Saturday morning, the news was on in the background and I heard a little about his story. It caught my attention and it made me realize, Tim Tebow can teach us a lot about ADHD.

If I understand things correctly, Tim Tebow thrived at the University of Florida, winning two National Championships and the coveted Heismann Trophy.

He was a sports hero, and since moving to Florida, I have learned this state is very loyal to their athletes and to their football teams. Tebow is both.

So what does Tim Tebow have to do with ADHD?

Well…everything and nothing. It all depends on where you choose to stand, and how you choose to look at things.

After a great career in college, NFL scouts, coaches, and commentators didn’t believe this young man had what it would take to thrive in the NFL. I heard something about his passing style and how it didn’t fit.

Then I heard Tebow talk about his faith… His perserverance… The influence from his parents… His values to try his best.

That’s when I realized Tim Tebow has everything to do with ADHD.

Here’s a man who thrives in the right environment. We know this to be true about individuals with ADHD. Put them in the right environment, allow them to do something they are passionate about, and build a team of support around them… WATCH OUT! A person with ADHD can thrive, succeed, and dominate.

Does Tim Tebow have ADHD? Heck if I know. And if that’s the message you are getting, I am NOT doing a good job explaining why he matters.

It’s NOT about his brain. It’s NOT about his “inability.” It’s NOT about his ability.

Tim Tebow and the ADHD connection is all about an individual thriving under the right circumstances.

Tim Tebow doesn’t let the critics change who he is. He doesn’t allow people to take him (the sqaure peg) and force him through the round hole.

Tim Tebow’s Miracle Comeback

On the news, there was even talk about his marketing potential. How could the business world capitalize on the celebrity of Tim Tebow to sell more products…

One marketing and branding expert said, Tim Tebow needs to stick to brands that fit who he is. He needs to find companies that match his personal beliefs and morals.

Sounds a lot like this branding expert is suggesting Tim Tebow not sell out!

Well…we need to teach our children (and their teachers, and other professionals) that we shouldn’t ask our children to sell themselves out.

Children with ADHD need to be lifted up for who they are, accepted for who they are not. And believed in just the same.

For every child in the right environment can and will flourish. The challenge is often finding that environment, and having enough people believe in them to lift them and help them thrive.

Can you do that for your child?

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