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What Is The Internet To You?

Posted Mar 04 2012 9:00am

What is the internet to you?  By that I mean, what are you using it for?  Is it a tool, just entertainment, or a complete waste of time?

Well, there is one easy way to find out.  Open up a new tab and check your “top sites”.  This is what you are using the internet for.

My list of top sites went something like this until last month.   Bloomberg , Wall St. Journal , Economist , Surfline , Google , Gmail , Facebook , LinkedIn , , Craigslist .

Now, considering I read the Journal and Economist hardcopies, and actually am a rare infrequent Facebook user, quick analysis shows that I’m basically trying to read every news story the second it pops up and checking my email.  On occasion I search for jobs I don’t want and see if anyone has viewed my LinkedIn profile.

The only thing productive I’m getting out of this is the surf report.

That was then, this is now.

I began researching great blogs on the internet.  I wanted to read more non-news items and focused on productivity and entrepreneurship.  I began blogging about a couple things I care about and joined some relevant discussion groups.  Now my Top Sites include WordPress , ZenHabits , The Art of Non-Comformity , Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Work Week , my blogs War on Psoriasis and Get Busy Doing , and of course Surfline .

Also, a couple of sites relevant to jobs I’m doing are up there.  That’s got to be a step in the right direction.

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