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What is the difference of high-top canvas shoes lacing methods? What are they?

Posted Oct 24 2012 1:21am
    Compared with low-top canvas shoes, which is ordinary canvas shoes, What is the difference of high-top canvas shoes lacing method? canvas shoes We know that low-top canvas shoes has ordinary  and fancy - line lacing method two classifications, then what is about the high? Following I will specifically talk the high's lacing method.

    What is the difference of high-top canvas shoes lacing methods? The problem is not difficult. The lacing methods of high are not too different with the low's shoes canvas As high-top canvas shoes uppers is larger, we pay more attention on its' lacing methods. A pretty lacing will make you feel your high grade. On streets, we always see many handsome boys or beautiful girls' shoes very general but laceing very nice. We always could not help seeing them for other minutes, and then look at the people.

    Since the difference is not so big, we can learn from the lacing of low-top canvas shoes. One is common-lacing, which is high-top canvas shoes lacing method-"lacing up and down". Take the ends from the bottom straightly in each shoe and put the ends out down. Cros the ends and put them from the sencond soles out as up-down, then cross above and put them in the third soles. Repeat the procss till the ends are put out from the top soles.

    The other one is fancy lacing method which is centralized cross method of high canvas shoes. Leaving a hole, put the end inwards from the outside as lift-right. Lace one shoelace well by cross bracketing method. Prepare the other shoelace after lacing the first. Put the rest of the shoelace from outside to inside and do end process. Put the second shoelace through the first hole as the first, and make it crossed below the first. Lace the shoelace as the order of outside in the rest holes. Put the rest shoelace do winding process. Put the end of blue shoelace in the previously well cover, then tension it.

    As the difference between high and low top canvasshoes lies in fashion not the shoelaces, so their lacing mathods are very similar.
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