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What if you don't want to share the whole world to the strangers?

Posted Jan 18 2013 2:26am

    With all of the best and worst of human nature reflected on the Internet and certain kinds of deception and harassment made more easier by the technology by those hackers, it should not be surprised to anyone that the growth of the Internet has been paralleled by attempts to control how people use it. There are many different motivations for these attempts when they are exploring on the internet to find a way to know  how to unblock Facebook.

      Then what should we do ?What if we don’t want to share our world to the strangers we just met online .Could we find a way to solve it when we want to  access Facebook  on the internet?Some of these concerns involve allowing people to control their own experience on the Internet .This way does really help us to protect our privacy when we want to  unblock Facebook.

     But the others who are involved in restricting how other people could take advantage of the Internet and what those other people can and can't access. The latter case causes significant conflicts and disagreements when the people whose access is restricted don't agree that the blocking is appropriate or in their interest.We should do it following the tips below.The goals include:

·Protecting children from material perceived as inappropriate, or limiting their contact with people who may harm them.

·Reducing the barrage of unwanted commercial offers by e-mail or on the Web.

·Controlling the size of the flow of data any one user is able to access at one time.

·Preventing employees from sharing information that is viewed as the property of their employer, or from using their work time or an employer's technical resources for personal activities.

·Restricting access to materials or online activities that are banned or regulated in a specific jurisdiction (for example a country or an organization like a school) such as explicit sexual or violent materials, drugs or alcohol, gambling and prostitution, and information about religious, political or other groups or ideas that are deemed to be dangerous.    

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