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Weekly Roundup: News and Resources on ADHD 4/9-4/15/11

Posted Apr 18 2011 12:21pm

IN THE NEWS FDA eases ADHD drugs heart-disease concerns
ReutersThe FDA said it would give a full update after the final analyses on the potential impact of stimulant ADHD drugs on the risk of heart disease and strokes were evaluated. Shares in British group Shire, which makes the stimulant Vyvanse as well as ...
Secondhand smoke may affect kids' mental health
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Breathing secondhand smoke could increase a child's risk of mental and behavioral disorders, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), suggests a new study. The study adds to evidence ...
Summer camp in Beaverton offers activities for kids with special needs
Each Camp Yakety Yak session is designed for children with social-emotional challenges, including autism, ADHD, developmental delays and communication impairments. Activities include learning how to interrupt conversations politely, ...
P2D Bioscience Lead ADHD Drug Demonstrates Efficacy in Preclinical Testing
Marketwire (press release)
P2D Bioscience is developing PD2005, a proprietary dopamine transport inhibitor, for the treatment of ADHD. PD2005 is a psychostimulant like current first-line ADHD treatments amphetamine (Adderall® and Vyvanse®) and methylphenidate (Concerta®) ... The primary advantage of PD2005 over amphetamine and methylphenidate is PD2005's improved side effect profile...

RESOURCES Parent to Parent: Online Family Training on ADHD CHADDParent to Parent is a state-of-the-art educational program designed by parents, for parents. The training is now available as an online class. You can take the class in person in your local community ( Parent to Parent Classes ) or you can watch the presentation on your computer and interact with the presenter by phone or headset from your home.

This seven-session class includes a state-of-the-art curriculum with training provided by an experienced, certified Parent to Parent teacher. Each of the weekly two-hour sessions covers an area of information absolutely essential to the successful management of ADHD. And best of all, the training is from a parent’s perspective, brought to you by experts who have faced the same struggles, questions, and challenges you face...
Temper Tantrum Coping Skills ADDitudeMag.comHelp children manage their anger with this advice from parents on avoiding and handling temper tantrums. Plus, couples share how they keep outbursts from affecting their relationships.Follow ADDitude on  Facebook  and  Twitter .
5 Steps to Getting Started with Play Therapy The Friendship CircleAfter going through the process of diagnosis for a child with special needs, many parents are overwhelmed by the cost of private therapy and treatment. Then there’s the difficulty of scheduling therapies, and for some children, the trauma of separation from the parent during therapy. What if there was a therapy that could be done at home for free? What if there was a therapy that strengthens the bond between parent and child while also encouraging the child’s emerging independence?...Follow The Friendship Circle on  Facebook  and  Twitter .

BLOGS Check out this month's Best of the Best  over at  SOS Research Blog . There are dozens of book reviews related to special needs and giveaways of books, DVDs, and other products worth over $1,100. We're  giving away a copy of Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention right here  on {a mom's view of ADHD} as part of this project!
Help Your Child Overcome Fear As adults we often forget to see things from a child’s perspective. I knew a child that heard her dad might get fired..for months she was fearful that he was going to catch on fire.( I can’t make this stuff up.) Much fear can be alleviated by discussing a reasonable outcome with children. Children do not understand adult situations and should be reminded that above all they are safe and loved. Daddy might get fired which means he might lose his job. If dad were to lose his job we will do and C and we will be fine. I love these gentle and stress free tips from Jean Tracy, MSS of ...Follow Stress Free Kids on  Facebook  and  Twitter .
8 Tips to Tell Your Child They Have ADHD (blog)
By Margarita Tartakovsky, MS Regardless of your child's age, it can be hard to tell them that they have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Fortunately, today, people are more familiar with ADHD. “The good news at this point in time is ...
From our collaborators... Can You Detect When Someone Else Has ADHD? Kay Marner, My Picture-Perfect Family
My daughter, Natalie, thinks she can spot others who, like her, have ADD/ADHD. Is there such a thing as ADHD radar?Maybe you’ve heard of gaydar, the alleged ability to spot people who are gay or lesbian. Well, my 10-year-old daughter, Natalie, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), thinks she has ADD/ADHD radar, or ADHD-dar, the ability to identify others who have the condition. But is there really such a thing? Could Natalie have it? Not long ago a local mom contacted me via this blog, hoping...
ADHD and Learning Style: What kind of learning style does your kid have? Adrienne Bashista, A Square Peg, A Round Hole
Recently I went to a workshop for one of my job-jobs (as opposed to my main job as MOM) about dealing with adult learners. For 15 years my job-job was in the schools, working at all grade levels as well as working with adults as an ESL teacher, so I figured I wouldn’t learn anything new at this workshop, but hey – it was required, and besides, I don’t pretend to know all there is to know about anything. The workshop...
Learning Lessons
Kelly Miller, The Miller Mix
Our family reached a bittersweet milestone this weekend. Sweet, sassy baby Bella turned the big 0-4 at 5:56am on Sunday morning. We've already had a full week of celebrations -- a zoo trip on Sunday, a trip to see Shrek the Musical on Tuesday, and a photo session this morning. All of this plus her birthday party coming up on Saturday...
How to Improve the ADHD Child and Parent Relationship Nancy Konigsberg, Milestone MomA child with ADHD has a mountain to climb every day. Activities and tasks that are typically easy for the average child to do is challenging to the ADHD child. Almost all daily events require structure, attention, focus, and composure. The expectation from adults, albeit parents, teachers or coaches is that a child will follow the rules and do what is needed according to the situation. Most children can meet this expectation. Children with ADHD cannot...
Anger Management
Adrienne Bashista, Easy to Love but...
I’m pissed that I have to spend so much time worrying about my son. I’m pissed I have to go to doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy, therapies, therapists, and experts. I’m pissed I have to worry so much, I’m pissed I have to think so hard, I’m pissed I have to read so much, I’m pissed I have to be the #1 best advocate for my child. I’m pissed that the focus on this child hurts the other child, my marriage, and my friendships. I’m pissed that I’m somehow supposed to just go with the flow, suck it up, and be somehow content with my lot. I’m pissed that people have told me I’m some kind of saint for doing what I do. I wonder why they think they would do any different for their child.

Spruce Kids Blog
The power of Mozart’s classical genre is demonstrated in a study at the University of Illinois Medical Center. Researchers found that Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D major K.448 reduced the number of seizures that people with epilepsy have. In 29 epileptic patients, this sonata was played for 300 seconds. 23 of the 29 patients experienced significant decreases in epileptiform (seizure producing) electrical activity, even from patients in comas. Music instruction is known to improved eye hand coordination and auditory processing...

Everything you wanted to know about supplements but were afraid to ask.
Eric Hutchins via Pamela Hutchins, Road to Joy
The body is an amazing system that is “smart enough” to determine what vitamins/minerals/nutrients it needs. I am quite sure that there are things lacking in mydiet that that would allow my body to perform better if I consumed them as part of my food choices. To make up for this, I provide it with a full palette of nutrients to choose from through my diet plus supplements. I allow it to determine what it needs and waste the rest. With intelligent choices on my part, the cost of this strategy can be less per day than that cappuccino.
What have you discovered this week that you'd like to share? Read more >>
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