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we have witnessed a general air max 90 sale shock hearts that

Posted Dec 06 2012 7:34am
Chinese mural from Dunhuang Flying to Sun Wukong somersault cloud, flying has been a dream of Chinese for generations. Is there to achieve the dream day, have a dream to be successful. September, the harvest season, when the thick atmosphere of the Olympic Games has not yet dispersed, we have witnessed a general air max 90 sale shock hearts that night in the Paralympic Games, gorgeous, but even more brilliant. Because tonight, the vastness of space ushered in an Earth visitors, this time, guests Spirit performances, now we have ushered in a new look - "God" launch. Today night, and as the name of the Olympic Games opening called. The dream of several generations to achieve a childhood dream spaceship finally began his journey into space.

From ancient times the Moon's reverie, from which to the outside "on the pursuit of the zodiac, Earth Millennium dream now! The seven gods dream is magical dream, it is a thousand years of Chinese dream the seven gods dream is no longer magical dream, because China, also because of the persistent pursuit, groups of heroic cheap nike air max 1 astronauts, the seven gods no longer magic .Bells sounded the row of copper, vigorous and clear the left audio and right rhyme from far and near, through long years of five thousand and fifty-nine colorful bloom to condense a theme in the hundreds of millions of Chinese people's hearts: the motherland . The Yellow fierce Yangtze strong, Taishan male, Kunlun Mang, Miles mountains and rivers of the mighty. Looking up at the blue sky, the Shenzhou spacecraft, the space shuttle; overlooking the earth, the Three Gorges Project, Masterpieces magic.
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