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Vision: the lakers' kobe Bryant in Minnesota war jin spell passing skills

Posted Feb 02 2013 1:51am
Beijing time on February 2,, the lakers continue to embark on the road, the challenge the timberwolves. Although the road with eight straight, Howard is affected by a shoulder injury problems, but against the timberwolves absences, the lakers pass is a problem, they have been winning 19 games opponent. But the game Nike Air Max 2013 is kobe Bryant last season after knee contusion rubio, who, after nearly one year, two people meet again. The game, the lakers lost games, the last time should be the sun reversal, and in the game, Howard also because of a shoulder injury leave early. The defeat at the SUNS, the lakers had eight years away and the longest losing streak. For a luxury squad for the lakers, this is a disgrace performance. But the against the timberwolves, the lakers finally have the opportunity to win. Even if Howard won't go to, I believe the lakers can easily pass. Because the lakers play timberwolves have marketer, they have been winning 19 games opponent. And wolves encounter injury, has encountered five straight in the face of such opponent, the lakers have no reason not to win. Still remember last season, rubio, who first joined the alliance all let a person shine at the moment, immediately become hot small. But last year on March 10, the forest Wolf at home to the lakers, kobe Bryant, rubio, Cheap Nike Air Max a2013 who and collided knee ligament tear, announced the season to submit an expense account. After nearly one year, after the return of rubio, who finally meet at home and kobe Bryant. Interesting is, the two people I'm afraid to let's see who passes technology better. Bryant's focus YuChuanQiu, over the past four games send out and assists in career record. But rubio, who is known as the alliance will pass one of the point guard. If two people in the game competition each passing skills, believe that game will colorful.Since March 7, 2007 ShuangJia defeat since when the wolves, the lakers opponent to keep 6 years unbeaten, total get 19 games in a row, this is the union of the existing of single team winning streak. More recently, the forest Wolf does state is not good, because LeFu, Roy and people were injured, the forest Nike Air Max 2012 Wolf encounter five straight and, in the last 11 games only wins one game. Pau gasol recently in the lakers can substitute, as international friends, rubio, who defended him. "Pau gasol has been proved him to be one of the best players in the league." Rubio, who said, "if the lakers don't cherish him, let he joined wolves. We are very interested in it." Beijing time on February 1, injury and let Roy initiation TuiYi, HuangMan today, in an interview with CNNNW open your heart, said once this season can't recover, he will choose retired again. Roy's right knee in training last week again sprain. According to the Associated Press reporter Joe card werder nice base revealed, Roy in an interview also admitted that his knee was injured again, but the timberwolves guard still seek the possibility of a return, I hope in this season to return Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 to the court, but at present, see, this is not optimistic. Roy when talking about the injured said: "sprain that moment, my mind is only a word," I quit, I want to quit ". This is my first thought, I can do not to. Then I made a deep breath and tell yourself, 'this is not the first time meet this situation, you have to stick to it ". Fortunately the sprain and didn't give Roy knee cause serious damage, he doesn't need to undergo surgery, but the need for recovery."I was standing in the career of a crossroads." This is Roy said in an interview is a let a person familiar with the words. And this time he more sure, if he can't restore this season, it will be the end of his career. "I will this season as his last season, I have no regrets, because I know you're trying to call a year. So, I said, this is the last season, with comparison to last year, this year the decision is not that hard. I tried, I made the last effort, now it is time to go, I now for a lot of things are very peaceful." Roy said. "We all hope he can survive this difficult time, no
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