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Vision: haring encounter test dirk to rate the mavericks continue to rule the rockets

Posted Jan 17 2013 3:30am
The Houston rockets (21 wins and negative) has encountered a four-game skid, tomorrow they won a challenge to the Dallas mavericks (16-23 negative). Haring combination to find offensive play a greater sense of leadership, they rate team will strive to stop losing streak. The mavericks in dirk nowitzki regression start state rebound, they will continue to recovery at home impact four-game winning streak. In the face of the lack of Paul clippers, the rockets in the first Nike Shox R6 half, but also lead over the third quarter but they attack misfire, suddenly pulled away by their opponents. Lose the home with the fourth, more let a person worry or their next schedule, waiting for their will be a quadruple guest, the mavericks, the pacers and timberwolves are rivals. As a team leader, haddon although get 23 points in the second half, but he to the team's contribution is not enough, especially in the third quarter team couldn't score, he didn't come out and lead the team. On the road tomorrow, haddon must stand up to lead the team, he needs a better play. LinShuHao while shooting well, get two pairs, but in the team most in need of the moment, he also dumb fire. Tomorrow he and haddon must be more give prize in attack, especially the team need to score, they can drive up the team's offensive, plays the role of leader should have. Today with the clippers in the second half, the rockets defense there have been some problems, rebounding protection than the first half, this is all they want to solve the problem. But the rockets or a to attack Nike Shox Dream as the life of the team, how about the performance of attack directly affect their destiny, so in addition to haring besides, other players in attack will have play, parsons, delfino, patterson (micro bo), morris, etc on the perimeter of the team feel is very important. Though the mavericks in the west 12th, but their latest state is quite good. The 2-1 home defeat to timberwolves after they get three straight, and the west eighth blazers gap into four games, half the race has not more than half of the cases, no one can deny that the mavericks still have the hope of the playoffs. Nowitzki condition is getting better and better, on his return to the starting lineup, bring the team help also more and more big. The clippers game to see, the rockets 4 a or a short board, but the mavericks in 4 a nowitzki, brand, the two veterans has good state, if they keep their offensive, this will give the rockets make a lot of trouble. Victory over the timberwolves, the back of the KeLiSen and Mayo has quite a good play, they will and haring combination para, four Nike Shox R2 defensive player of the competition will be a large contingent of the game. But the mavericks in front guard online have Marion, his defense will give haddon manufacture a lot of trouble. The bench the mavericks have carter and brand two veteran YaZhen, especially brand recently state recovery, his offense gave the team a great help. On December 9, two teams have been meeting in Houston, the mavericks to a 116-109 victory over the rockets. The mavericks have eight times beat the rockets, home and away all won four times. The last time the rockets beat the mavericks or on January 1, 2010, 97-94 win at home, and the last time they were in Dallas or win on December 19, 2009 in the final 116-108 win over. But even in such cases, the lakers or out win, to return to the opening line of this article said that when the lakers are all involved in the offense, each other to strengthen the passing, even offensive round reduce, they also can be in the game occupy dominant right. Nash nature is in guangdong, he is contributed 11 assists. But more importantly, the lakers have a total of seven assists the account, including kobe Bryant in the first half only sent out 6 times, one time he assists Nike Shox R3 number even than Nash's also high. In this mode under, the lakers have 4 people shooting number in double digits, and four to five times. Combined with a view, in the face of the knight, the lakers played 10 people, the results nine people send out assists, Bryant's shot number only 13 times, but the lakers the harvest 113 point high score. This is the lakers in the near future to make changes, the team slam the door to a frontcourt is eager to sell the offensive game, between each other to strengthen the pass.
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