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Use a NewNow iPhone 5 Battery Case to Give Extra Battery Backup & Protection

Posted Apr 11 2014 2:06am

If you are unhappy with power backup of your iPhone 5 then  iPhone 5 battery Case  can help you in this situation. Well, we don’t have to prove is that iPhone 5 is one of the best Smartphone of the world, but just like any other Smartphones, this phone also has a big drawback that it consume a lot of power and its battery drain too quickly. And as we said above NewNow Power Bank can help you in this situation and it can help you to eliminate the only drawback of your Smartphone in a very easy manner.


Talking about NewNow Battery case, basically it is a cover for your iPhone 5 and it fit perfectly on your mobile phone just like a cover on it and when the battery of your mobile phone gets empty, it helps you recharge it easily. The greatest thing about  NewNow Power Bank  is that you just need to press one button for charging your iPhone 5 using this battery case and it will start charging your phone for you in an easy way. That means you don’t have to keep your phone plugged with a power socket for charging it and you can use it while you are moving from one place to another.


Another great thing about NewNow Power bank is that you can easily install or remove it without taking any extra help from anyone. Also, this installation of iPhone 5 battery case does not take a lot of time as well. Also, you do not need to do anything extra to charge your  NewNow  case because when you will plug your phone on charging, then it will start charging the battery bank as well. And once it charge completely it can charge your phone from no battery to full battery in a few hours only.


In short, we can say that if your iPhone 5 battery get drained too quickly due to your excessive use, then You can use a NewNow Battery case for this and you can increase the battery time of your iPhone. Other than this a NewNow case can give you extra protection as well to your precious phone. In addition to this, if you work in the field for unplanned time, then you can carry an extra  NewNow battery case  with you and you can use it to keep your phone charged when no power socket is available at your place for phone charging.


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