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Understand Your ADD Challenges to Manage Your Life

Posted Feb 08 2012 12:09pm

Everyone’s ADD/ADHD challenges are a little different than the next person experiences. Some are challenged by focus, procrastination, hyper activity, concentration issues and no matter what the challenges are…..they manifest within each person in a unique way that creates issues and challenges to overcome. While our medical world has become much better at understanding these ADD issues, it is still up to the individual to understand how they are personally impacted by ADD and what it takes to make their life work for them.

I’ll offer you some personal examples. I used to be a fly-by-the-seat of my pants kind of guy. Learning to manage my time and tasks was a huge victory for me. It helped me to become punctual, stay organized and focused and accomplish a lot throughout my day. For me and my life, the use of my Outlook calendar and synchronizing all of my schedule items with my Blackberry has made an enormous difference in my life. I don’t do anything unless I have it scheduled. Little things like when I grocery shop, to more important things like business meetings and tasks like taking kids to their events are all in my calendar. In fact, I also schedule time to push off from work for a quick break, when I work out and this is tremendously beneficial for me and my life.

I remember hearing a teacher or parent tell me to try harder when I was a kid. Turns out the issue wasn’t about trying harder, it was about understanding what it took to make me more effective and productive with managing ADD. All this organization and scheduling for me plays directly into my executive functions. Things like working memory, sense of time and activation and persistence (starting and finishing tasks). Understanding how ADD impacts you and developing skills and strategies to managing your life successfully with ADD must be done.

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