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Posted Oct 20 2012 3:05am
The torch seems not fall into the meat heap flames on crashing Sparkle Uggs into the sky. I hear that the meat in the fire shrill whistle,Sound both exciting and painful. With their sound and leapt up, smelling odor.This odor is both fragrant and smell. At the same time with the sounds and smells of rose up, of course, that the moreTo the higher flames sub smoke and twisted. Flames sub is dark red, looks dignified.I remembered a year ago, when the flames of the burning of worn-out tires and waste plastics with their mothers, the kind of flame andFlame in front of a somewhat similar, but essentially different. When the flame is industrial flame, is the plasticFlame, and the flame of the chemical is toxic flame in front of the flame is a flame of agriculture, animal fireFlame, the flame of life, and the is nutritious flame. Despite the corruption of the flesh, but after all, is meat. Incineration of suchMeat, or be able to let me think to eat. I know a bunch of meat is old Lan told my parents specifically from the marketOn procurement.Procurement to put them in the house, any of them fever smelly. Procurement to them not to eat them.But to burn it they let them play a role in the fire to burn us. In other words, my parents sentThey purchase when they can eat. That is, if they are not my parents MiningPurchase, they are to be eaten. They are fortunate or unfortunate? Best destiny of the meat courseUnderstand the meat people love meat eaten the meat of the worst fate is to be burnt by the fire. So, looking at thisSave some flames twisted in pain, struggling, groaning, shrieking with meat who, I felt a rush of wavesTragic feelings, as if I was the meat behalf of the old blue, on behalf of my parents, to act as a sacrifice. EverythingTo prove: we slaughter the village, never ever not the production of injection water, or to change the quality of the meat. WeThe fire, to the outside world that our determination. Reporters are flame shooting from different angles, manyOriginally in the meat processing factory at the gate to watch the people are also attracted to the front of the fire.A neighboring village called October, everyone says he Simpleton is a fool, but I find him a littleNot stupid. He was carrying a long steel sub poke around the fire to watch people pushed to the front,With reinforced Zhaqi a piece of meat, lifted up, ran out like holding a torch. That piece of meat burning, shaped likeA lot of shoes, dripping oil, Uggs On Clearance dripping oil burning flames squeakSound. October excitedly shouted, running back and forth on the road.To him, a young journalist took a photo. Carry camera reporter dared lens at him.
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