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Top Five Coming Games for iOS

Posted Mar 13 2013 8:46am
After purchasing an iOS device, what will you do first? Buy a cheap and great stand for iPad? Download tons of games? Well, if you would like to play games on iOS devices, here are five fantastic games that you can’t miss.

1. Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet. Swedish Paradox Interactive has announced that this game will land on iOS and Android at the same time. In earlier days, Magicka was a PC game and hit on Steam in 2011.

The plot is about four wizards are entrusted with holy mission to stop evil sorcerer and the demons that summoned by him. The story line is based on Norse Mythology. Unlike other RPG, it doesn’t have character level or magic point. Players need to collect spellbooks to learn magic.

Players can choose simple mode, but obviously, four-person cooperative mode is the most interesting gameplay. This game is priced $1.99 for both iOS and Android.

2. Super Stickman Golf 2. According to the developer Noodlecake, this game is available for both iOS and Google Play. If you love playing golf, don’t miss this. Players will be able to tee off on 16 new courses, as well as four rejigged courses from the original game. Each of theses holes will have three awards for you to claim, and a selection of randomly assigned bonus goals to achieve.

Race Mode also makes a return, allowing you to pit your putter against 3 other online players (or 8 players locally). There's also an array new characters to unlock, plus a selection of stat-boosting hats to purchase.

3. Unmechanical. This puzzle game is developed by independent studios Talawa Games and Teotl Studios. It has been a long time since the studios announced to release this game for iOS. Now finally, we can have it.

The PC version of Unmechanical got high praises from players, so I guess the iOS version won’t let us down.

4. Badland. It’s the debut of Frogmind. As a parkour game with Limbo style, it attracts full attention at the beginning. According to the developer, the inspiration of this game comes from Limbo, just adds a whole-new parkour mode.

5. Doomstalker. It’s a shooting game from UFNA. Players need to invest the weird attacks in a spacelab which is used for mysterious researches. After landing on the lab, you will lose contact from the outside. The things happen next are full of unknown terrors and deaths. All you need to do is learn how to survive. The release date is still unknown for now. If everything goes right, it will also have PC version and Mac version.

So what do you think of those games? By the way, here are  wholesale pouches and bags for iPad, in case you just need one.

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