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Tools I use to manage my ADD life

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:40pm

I, like many others, have tried different methods to help with my ‘issues’.  Some have worked and some, well, have failed hopelessly.  I know that every person is different and every AD/HD person is just that much more different.

  NOT Keeping notepads everywhere.  The note I need is never where I need it. 

WORKEDUsing my cell phone ’s “To Do” list, Calendar, Voice Recorder to help me remember appointments, schedules, ideas, to get gas, pay bills and other important things. I even use it to remind me to take my pills! I use the Voice Recorder while I’m driving so that I don’t have any major accidents.  Then transfer the info into the ‘To Do’ list or calendar as needed.

NOT Filing everything until I can get to it. I never get to it.

WORKEDOHIO - Only Handle It Once.

NOT Putting something important in a ’safe place’ thinking I will remember it.  (I still haven’t found my engagement ring I put in a ’safe place’ when I was pregnant with my second child - 10 years ago.)

WORKEDHaving one, consistent, place for my jewelry (important papers, makeup, etc) and making myself consistently put the item there. (I know, this sounds like a no-brainer but for an ADD person it isn’t.)

NOTSimply writing things in my calendar. (For this to work you have to keep checking the calendar.)

WORKEDAgain, the cell phone with alarm reminders.  My husband has now started asking me if I ‘put it in my phone’ as a reminder to save important stuff.  (I think he is using me as his ‘reminder service’.  Isn’t that frightening?)

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