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to thousands of years such a air max 90 sale long time span

Posted Nov 24 2012 5:23am
Everything is so ordinary.Here, you can hear the birds chirp, chirp Chongsheng, this is the true nature of the sounds of nature. Early in the morning, you can see the mist shrouded in the distant mountains, breathe clean air between heaven and earth. At this time, it is like a man waited at the window, Hear the Wind Sing.Often because Mother Nature moved. I do not know why this ability, to thousands of years such a air max 90 sale long time span, endless nourish feeding million student of all things in this world? I want this one, there must be a set of established rules of life. The law of nature, that is, to this life rules as a precondition. Illness and death, survival of the fittest, yin and yang ... everything is so orderly, harmonious unity.

However, I want to, all there are always exceptions, a hundred secret a sparse. Despite the laws of nature system and then how unified and indestructible, and will appear with them discordant factors established contrary to the natural law of development. Where the error? No to seek one of the root causes, and do not want to seek, because you are unlikely nike air max 95 360 womens to be eradicated, they've been all the way down the source of the historical development of heritage and heritage development become irreversible exist. All we can do, perhaps to accept them. Moreover, the harmony and discord, are to constitute a the complex colorful part of nature.
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