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To deal with skin problems sho

Posted Mar 07 2013 12:58am

We understand that a lot of skin   air jordan 13 basketall shoes sale online   disease generally caused significant damage due to poor dietary adjustments, following acceptable dietary health-related information about skin allergies. Add more vitamin C, because of a lack of vitamin C, easy to make the skin rough withered cause dermatitis, peeling and other sensitive damage. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, pears and kiwi better eat can strengthen the skin tissue, helps to fight against the alien sensitive; consumption of herbal tea heat pathogenic fire food. Diet, barbecue can not eat, sensitive skin will cause great damage to the skin severe water shortage; fried to eat less, whether it is a staple food or snacks; fasting spicy food and liquor smoke. Knowing what to eat allergy is very important here explaining related knowledge for you, I hope you have some. Increase the effectiveness of the immune system, Spirulina is a powerful enhancer of the immune system, it can strengthen the ability to resist bacterial invasion, and the effective progress of the human immune system. Reducing fine multi-sulfide compounds, eliminating the role of free radicals. Is the and powerful bactericide strengthen immunity. As a nutrient, can promote improved through the body of the cell cycle, the   air jordan xii mens for sale   elimination of free radicals in the body, the VC content is 60 times that of Apple's, can strengthen the body's immune system to effectively prevent the generation of skin allergies.In the office, "toward the nine to five" officelady looked really happy. But when the skin of the face, central air conditioning "conditioning" more dry when hidden melanin because the computer radiation stimulus "surfaced" when, how to do?

The biggest enemy OL skin is dry and pollution, and to take appropriate protective measures, they can keep the skin  air jordan xi sale online    in the best condition. In addition, it may be the preparation of some special skin drinks, detoxifies while replenishment conditioning color, skin care. The following recommended several "special the office health tea", "tea" not expensive raw materials, Chinese herbal medicine shop, a grocery store can buy, work to put an own teacup on OK. 
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