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to clean up the body of influenza virus

Posted Mar 07 2013 12:59am

Influenza is caused by influenza   air jordan vii sale   viruses. Affect the whole body, flu-like symptoms including fever, chills, sweating, body aches, headache, bone pain, muscle pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, cough, nasal congestion, and cause severe pneumonia and other complications can be fatal. The characteristics of the influenza virus is a variety of types, every decade or so, there will be a new virus species. Many people do not know that mushrooms but against colds master! They contain rich mineral selenium, riboflavin, niacin, and a large number of antioxidants! Strengthen body immunity against the powerful weapon of the cold! Onion bactericidal efficacy has long been well known, spicy taste, it can resist the spring pandemic flu, cold cause colds a good cure function. In addition, onions women boon Oh! It is rich in antioxidants natural preservative! Citrus rich in vitamin C can help prevent spring flu, sore throat, colds common very effective. In the cold during the day, eat a citrus supplement vitamin C, always a good idea when the change of seasons. A new study in the UK found that the the almond bark extract can help us to overcome a variety of viral infections such as the common cold and flu. So, spring flu season multiple time to time to grab a handful when the snack is also very good! The radishes have lower gas and digestion, expectorant run dirty governance breath, detoxification, diuretic and tonic effect. Radish radish prime unique role in the prevention and treatment of colds. Radish lignin, can improve the vitality of macrophages, an interferon inducer, can  air jordan 6 shoes for sale   enhance the body's immune system, anti-virus. Delicious cold medicine. Chicken released in the cooking process of cysteine ??and treatment bronchitis drug acetylcysteine ??very similar to salt chicken broth can reduce symptoms of phlegm, because it is much like cough medicine ingredients. Stewed chicken soup, add some onions and garlic, and allows a more significant effect. The selenium supplementation antivirus. British experts add enough selenium can increase the number of immune proteins, and thus help to clean up the body of influenza virus. Selenium comes mainly from food such as oysters, lobsters, crabs and clams seafood. Fish such as Atlantic salmon omega-3 to help the blood to produce a large number of anti-influenza cells, and also help improve the body's immune system.
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