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Time to Investigate Tyrosine

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:03am

I have read and learned a lot on the topic of Tyrosine as of late. I was inspired to look closer at this because I recall when I was taking Concerta, that I was stimulated and certainly received the benefits as an ADD’er of the stimulation in this medication.

Since stopping the use of Concerta a couple years ago, I have noticed that my body and mind was not receiving that stimulation that is required by so many people with ADD. So, after hearing a lot about Tyrosine, I decided to launch my own investigation on the ups and downs of this potential product.

Commonly referred to as L-tyrosine, this is an amino acid that makes up the building blocks of dopamine. It can act like a stimulant, however there seem to be no side effects with this supplement, and an individual can take doses between 500 mg-1500 mg up to three times a day. From what I’m learning, L-tyrosine is a good alternative to a stimulant because it has softer effects than drugs like Ritalin/Concerta/Adderall. Apparently it wears off much easier too and is less harmful on the body.

As I continue to learn more about this, I will post again and offer all of you an update on my findings. Thanks again everyone who take the time to read here every month.

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