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Time For An ADD Oil Change

Posted Nov 15 2011 10:33am

Let me tell you, life is good right now! It seems like everything has come together, after so much work and effort. Exactly what is going well? Thanks for asking, that’s very thoughtful of you!! It would be quicker to tell you what isn’t going well, but nobody wants to listen to me whine. However right now the positives are parenting, the relationships I share with my kids, family, friends, finances, my career, my health & physical conditioning and most importantly…….my personal state of mind with managing ADD. A lot of this success I am experiencing takes me back to a period in life a number years ago when I was not doing so well. A life and the path one travels can sure take an interesting journey and for me, all the little things I worked on stand out for me in retrospect. Things like dedicating myself to an exercise program, proper nutrition, organization & scheduling, ADD coaching and many other things that I worked on refining my life.

The one tip I would offer any ADD’er who reads this and may be looking for some answers or direction, never stop learning or growing. My ADD Coaching process has been great and I am reaping the rewards of my efforts. I decided that I needed to be proactive and prepare myself for some adversity and challenge that always seem to arise in anyone’s life, especially when things are going well.

We all tend to get a false sense of being when things are going well, like we are invincible and the good times will always last. I think that is dangerous, it can result in complacency and if you have ADD or know anyone who does…… complacency and ADD is a bad recipe. I figured it was time for a tune up, the same thing you would do with your car, you know, an oil change, new spark plugs and a timing belt to ensure things kept running smoothly.

So I have begun what I call my quarterly tune up. Every quarter (every 3 months) I do a self evaluation of my life and goals. This evaluation is based on “The Wheel of Life” and the 8 categories of analysis; 1) Career 2) Money 3) Health 4) Friends & Family 5) Significant Other 6) Personal Growth 7) Fun & Recreation and 8 ) Physical Environment.

So I now begin another journey of self awareness and growth. I’m sure I’ll be running smooth with a good oil change! What about you?

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