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This snow new balance sale lotus but become more beautiful

Posted Dec 05 2012 6:46am
Go home, back to the original home, back to the village once, and that makes me thrilled, filled with memories of the village. Home, I do not know my heart is not also back? Legends, it does cheap new balance 1300 not have white skin, has a blood red blood red petals. In on a boundless iceberg, it quietly open with its inherent red seems to confrontation and ice and snow, tells of his passion, as if he wished this mountain is covered with snow and ice melt.Later, the border of the motherland was the enemy's attack, hundreds of People's Liberation Army in order to defend the frontiers, shed their blood here. That day, the last one of the PLA fell down on the side of the beautiful and enchanting snow lotus.

The lovely snow lotus in order to defend the sovereignty of the people of the Republic of China, their passion are devoted to the PLA. One of the soldiers fell, hundreds of millions of soldiers stood up. They shed their blood, and finally, to keep this piece of territory. Tis snow lotus devoted a lot of effort, and become pale and trembling. This snow new balance sale lotus but become more beautiful and holy.Feel dying snow lotus lost blood, but it believe " the own one day, will still be standing on the tip of the snow-capped, pour force to defend the frontier of the People's Liberation Army singing for them.14-year-old high accounting hi, a Qinghai farm disciples, because a television event planning, he and the city of a wealthy teenager swap the seven days of life programs play the question is: after seven days; high accounting hi also willing to return to rural areas this? "
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