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They are better than us more young

Posted Dec 06 2012 4:48am
all learn from it, the goddess of fortune will not always on our side." Before this, the heat have won three times at the end of the match game, ray Allen 3 is the key reason, but today he made three of 9 only had 11 points. When Allen feel not beautiful, pressure falls on the lebron James body, he finally contributed for the first time this season three double - 26 points and 13 rebounds and assists, but missed may reverse the situation north face denali jacket of an open 3 points and two record key free throws. In the final analysis, lose reason lies in a slow start, the Miami heat in the first half today for a get a season high sixty points. "They are better than us more young, so at first we spent some time to keep up with the pace of the game." James said, "we must find a good way to start, we will do better." In addition to lose, the heat is still in the game will fold soldier loss, Mario - zar moss injured finger off in the first half, but after his north face denali hoodie jacket substitute Norris cole [micro bo] has a groin injury announced injury stop. Have no alternative under, the heat will be more ball control task placed in the lebron James and dwyane wade [micro bo] body."We played very well in the second half," James, wade is compared to the defeat mention lightly, "in the first half in addition to the last four, five minutes, we all play badly. The game and some of our session before the same, and no special disorder place. We missed some key shooting, that a few ball opportunity is very good. They played very well and the performance, finally won the game, their performance worthy of respect." "This game is not bitter lessons," James said. "we just lost a game. We have seen the calendar already have too much, just need to adjust their north face down jacket own state can." After the game, the heat will have a day of rest, and then at home to face the challenges of the New York knicks. After the heat away once the defeat at carmelo Anthony [micro bo] team, the game just defeat with a buoyant anger, they aim at will.The lakers underachievement, pau gasol was pushed in the teeth of the storm, the two years the lakers' loss of power, pau gasol for a lot of responsibility, rumors of trade is collapsing, see the lakers combination luxury F4 legion, but even humiliating defeat in three, though. Anthony superior, the lakers back to face up slightly, but the situation is still not good. Kobe Bryant on the court accused gasol's news was the bubbling with noise, experts have said, kobe Bryant is too subjective to lose face accused, or pau gasol serve right by scold, in the face of the worst failure, north face gore tex jacket warcraft came to the lakers for the first time, after the seemingly is angry, and accused gasol not to force the performance of the gasol trade rumors about, the league very much, but stay in Nash back. Over the past few years the lakers problem really many, luxury group has been tepid, cannot reach the ideal state, looking for all sorts of reasons, the players become the main victim, especially helped the lakers title hero pau gasol, obviously, has entered into pau gasol - no earlier heroic, but the lakers battle is bad and not entirely dependent on pau gasol. First, today's the lakers have is fighter team, outside have kobe Bryant, inside a warcraft, pau gasol is mounted in the middle, some embarrassed, after all, their own now ability is limited, so brave with outside threats, he has to play the role just transition, so too much hope warcraft and kobe Bryant, it is obvious things, and pau gasol have don't have to prove himself, what he has done the most important thing is to keep the team's victory, but the results on the contrary, in the series process, pau gasol was the lamb. Second, the lakers bench ability is one of the worst, the former have Barnes, Lamar odom classification six, reserve squad are enough to deter general team, and now the lakers have? Even
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