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there are a small number of nike cortez australia people with a granite head

Posted Feb 05 2013 6:18am
The beginning of autumn solar terms every family walnut leaves stuck in the door frame. Stones to build a wall, the the slate the-generation vagay top sub houses humble, good-looking, absolutely earn a lot of money than the future well-off farmers, cover the tile veneer, steel doors and windows of the new house is nice. Decentralization of cadres of Mission City, and on the other hand labor side singing "the leadership buy nike free run of the Communist Party, Sanji Yeah, the big boundless power of the people! The Panlong mountains locks dragon ..." princes Mei affection long, it seems that water day and night ring ...... "Before a song about from movie Jianglongfuhu ", the latter out of the the" Lusheng Love Song ". Decentralization of revolutionary cadres belonging to schedule vacation, they have seen these movies, and we are failing to appreciate. "Xuqiu film case" in rural open-air screenings. The original version of the the "Lusheng Love Song" is the Peng Jing wind, also sacked movement.

In April 1958, Chairman Mao, "describes a cooperative article mentioned the situation to the development of awareness-raising the decadent ideology crumbled, the exploiting classes in the past do not want to change have to change, there are a small number of nike cortez australia people with a granite head see God has nothing to do overall situation .Articles momentum with content so we are deeply touched. We remind each other not to become granite head. Who loves to tell jokes, "molecular" said the reactionaries, but it is not a paper tiger, up paper rodents, this time he said, we do not granite up to be a granitic rub (read chai third tone, that corn grits, eat local food) children porridge. Remark pass out, I thought would be awarded a pass, the results are fairly warm, not how to. The leftists have probably heard this joke also can not help laughing.
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