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the young men

Posted Feb 17 2011 7:21am
Is about five years ago, yuxi dongfeng road, an old blind in the tough panhandlers blind walk, walked side to people around them, said he hungry three, please everyone line do good, give some money to buy food. The people around ignore his existence, this why and why? 
Time went by 2011, I, Nhl jerseys wife, son back chengjiang. To chengjiang means to eat WanDouFen, although yuxi also has sell WanDouFen, but can not come out chengjiang that taste. #15 Ryan Getzlaf NHL Jersey The chengjiang WanDouFen crispy, cortex is exquisite, the most authentic is that one scoop of vinegar, literally slip out of the little taste let intestines and stomach automatic opened the door.
Eat WanDouFen of roadside stall, #8 Cam Neely Hockey Jersey an old panhandlers, walked to come over, three consecutive table all nobody spoke to, go to the fourth table, the young men and women said: "get some further, Hotel Slippers and we didn't get eat? Zha may give you." The fifth table to us, old panhandlers across the us, lifted up the steps stopped down, in his turn round to prepare to leave that moment, he fainting eyes and a full face of vicissitudes let my heart like a knife as painful up.
This thinking to crippling, I from his pocket ten dollars money say asked him to wait, I go to buy something for him. Let me unexpectedly is that the old blind man panhandlers a just took Wedding Dresses Sale   my knead money hand grateful incessantly, a few words of bodhisattva bless such folk lane language, money he arrived at his hand. The moment, I didn't know I cheated, he is not blind. From that moment, the goodness of panhandlers by my wu solidly plastered over.
I began to turn a blind eye to treat Nhl jerseys   each panhandlers, or avoided, wince. Every time I saw someone to panhandlers money, my mind always jumped out so few word, somebody cheated.

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