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the wrong person to apply to you nike cortez australia wrong scolded Wang

Posted Feb 06 2013 5:46am
Yang Xiaoguang increasingly angry, loud racket: the "hypocritical it! Wang! The school meeting discussion Maibing Gun, you said teachers Maibing Gun Well! Money can not. I thought you were really a person of high moral character Mile! Can not think of you love money more than me, and unscrupulous to launch students conspiracy activities ...... "Wang saw many students and teachers have onlookers, tongue-tied with embarrassment, Nanbian not wait for a run into the brick wall up. Yang Xiaoguang proudly to the crowd of students and teachers to buy nike free run humiliate him: "I love Yang Xiaoguang money can I make money fair and square, I was trying to make money mouth said, trying to make money, unlike some people thought the money mouth can say is that this affects bad that affect the poor, imaginary - pseudo! "Wang no longer support him, and from the nest out, simply go back to the house. History teachers to Liu Wei handedly shook Zhushan the toes still lug slippers came not let him exit blocked Wang, then lazily head fall back, Yang Xiaoguang said: "Yang Xiaoguang Mashui miles?

The Rokko class student leaders I organized the action, what is your opinion towards me mention good. "Yang Xiaoguang suddenly surprised a moment: "I am none of your business what happened?""I said I organized the Rokko class cadres to mobilize students to buy Wang popsicle." Liu said, "You scolded the wrong person to apply to you nike cortez australia wrong scolded Wang apology, and then you called me again. 'Yang Xiaoguang instead ordered them.Liu spoke slowly repeated: "Your first king of the teacher to apologize, then tell me what you can not figure out!"Yang Xiaoguang finally recovered from the sudden blow: "you Liu say nothing of charge and what a tough guy! Who makes tricks who do the hands and feet, I am fully aware, Do not you wrangle together here ..."
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