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The VAG COM 11.11.3 Hex CAN Car Diagnostic Tool

Posted Dec 04 2013 2:42am

The newly updated   VAG 11.11.3  is the very first diagnostic tool which supports all VW Crafter cars and vans, is at the same time compatible with VW/Audi passenger cars. It involves partial support for the VW Crafters vans, new and much more all-round Airbag Coding Assistant which works with the latest airbags which use the Index-based coding, fully expanded and revised ROD (ODX) data, and new USB cable drivers that are completely compatible with almost all the modern PCs which use Fresco-Logic USB3 chipsets (if not all).


Other features of the   VAG COM 11.11  new version interface include: additional area which helps to display additional information for Basic Settings, new Log File/Upload Debug functions in the Applications Dialog, re-factored D-T-C routines capable of interpreting the DTC data, including more advanced interpretation of the status byte for the DTCs in all the available UDS modules, additional data types (i.e. 0B, 0F, 0D to the generic OBD2 Mode-9), an expanded and revised Label Files plus an updated version of LCode.


The   VAG HEX CAN USB interface  is compatible with Audi, Seat, VW, and Skoda models via the current model-year, including the ones that use direct C.A.N connection during diagnostics. The interface has a database containing over 14,000 fault-codes as well as measuring block texts.


Functions of the VAG COM 11.11 Diagnostic tool

VAG-COM 11.11.3, the newest version of the interface is designed to effectively support output tests, and measure values and different adaptations found on the control modules which make use of the latest 2010 ODX/ASAM/UDS protocol. In addition, it provides new UDS addresses and an updated O-D-X data for all the latest car models (from 1991 to 2011). The USB cable is a very intelligent direct connector with OBD micro-processor, That functions as a “dongle” any time it is used together with the  VAG COM 11.11.3. This enables it to be able to properly establish different sessions to an individual control module quicker than a “dumb” interface.


Since it was introduced in the market, VAG-HEX-CAN USB interface has completely revised and even expanded the R-O-D (ODX) data coverage for 4G-chassis Audi A6. The structure of the ROD data at the same time has been fully revised to do away with too much redundancy (or repetition) and to keep the size of the installer reasonably large enough. The interface enables direct and automatic connection of the diagnostic system to your laptop or desktop including even those that require CAN-BUS connection.


PC Requirements

VCDS 11.11.3  is a diagnostic software package for Microsoft Windows which replicates the roles of the dealers’ very expensive propriety scan tools. The diagnostic cable requires a computer that runs Ms Windows. A Netbook, Laptop or a Tablet computer is best, though desktop PCs can be used as well. The diagnostic USB cable works effectively with Windows 2000, Vista, XP and both the 32-bit and 64-bit.

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