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The sandpaper is electrophoresis grinding grinding air max 95 uk electrophoresis

Posted Nov 17 2012 2:16am
Reduce the cost of production is an important way to improve the economy. Reduce the cost of production of team in a team was also very important, because this will affect the economic efficiency of the team, and occupy a large proportion of the production of accessories and energy consumption costs in the cost. So we want to reduce the amount of accessories. Maybe some people will ask: "how can you reduce ah accessories? Would not impact the body mass"? In fact, as long as a reasonable use of accessories operating under the premise of guaranteeing quality can still reduce accessories dosage.I was in the PVC glue team job, that our team accessories dosage how to reduce it? High dosage of our team's main high-priced accessories No. 600 sandpaper and wipe dipstick. The sandpaper is electrophoresis grinding grinding air max 95 uk electrophoresis body, I see many employees in the grinding no reasonable use sandpaper, causing a lot of wasted electrophoresis job.

Employees bother when they polished hands, sanding, grinding process so there is no exchange the sandpaper direction used to polish, but the end does not hold the sandpaper by hand completely, and there is a small piece of each Zhang completely friction, so a piece of sandpaper on the trash. We all want: divided into four small sandpaper on a large piece of sandpaper, The per sandpaper on the waste of so nike air max 2012 mens much available parts, a very substantial part of that box of sandpaper wasted day by day so wasted, wasted wine, non-quantifiable. This is only a method of using question can produce so much waste. If sanding employees use each small sandpaper can swap direction polished, then it can be fully effective use of each sandpaper. Would not waste so much material.
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