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The River, the RAPIDS, and Your Recovery Process: LIfe and Reality

Posted Dec 23 2008 12:50pm

Tambo RiverImage via WikipediaRecovery is about running the RAPIDS - and getting unstuck.

If you are interested in the recovery process [drugs, alcohol, relationships, ' workaholism' ] or if you simply are interested in adult development on any level, you may be interested to better understand your own life' s river running, and your own reaction to ever changing reality.

I recently finished an article on river running - short form - from a RAPIDS chapter of my book Deep Recoverypublished in ' 92.   More in a minute-

Truth be known, I wrote Deep Recovery in the process of trying to figure myself out - after a very disappointing work experience with an insecure boss with a completely vertical management system: He lead meetings by repeatedly screaming "I' m the boss!!" Does that sound vertical?

Shortly after that debacle I found myself midst many drug addicts and and alcoholics [where I worked on the unit!] - with counselors who essentially shouted the same vertical management axioms - "You' re nothing but an alcoholic!!" - ' spirituality' run amok.

You already know I hate reductionistic - time-bound labels as they encourage limited thinking - and no matter what else we do as professionals, we cannot suffer any health delivery process that bonds on reductionistic thinking, label madness. Yes, labels are helpful, but humans are more complex.

The article is over here at: Recovery, Living and Reality - Shooting the RAPIDS of Life


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