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the red nike air max+ 2012 women's species of hundred years ago

Posted Nov 09 2012 2:40am
Single save the yellow race in terms of divided Han kinds, (Yellow Emperor beginning in over three hundred years ago, to Northwest from China, defeated Chi You were in the old ethnic Hmong away on both sides of the Yellow River, the establishment of a national Now four hundred million people in China's internal eighteen provinces, are the descendants of Huangdi Gong Gong known Han kinds.) seed, (former over China are today only Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangdong and Guangxi slightly some.) Donghulin species, (that is, the former gold now Manchuria, the nike free powerlines for sale population of five million.) four Mongolia kinds, (formerly the Yuan dynasty, now both inside and outside the Mongolian population of two million.) the rest of the race, do not have to go into detail.

Together the yellow race, white, black, red species, brown species population figure it, there are sixteen absolutely yellow race of 50,000 million (eight hundred million hundred years ago, now minus three hundred million), white VIII absolutely (a hundred years ago, only five hundred million, more than three hundred million), black, less than two hundred thousand thousand (the double hundred years ago) the red nike air max+ 2012 women's species of hundred years ago, millions of (ten times more), brown species of two thousand million ( A century ago, more than twice). Five people, only white mid-Cadogan, the remaining four are in mid-reduced. Why? Because the nations of the world are white people off. (Over a hundred countries in Asia, dozens of countries in the Americas, dozens of countries in Africa, Australia and the islands of Southeast Asia countries, are a species of white Russian, English, Germany.
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