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the lakers this season news too rich

Posted Dec 06 2012 4:49am
Blake are hurt stopped, the dependence of the starting and the star of hope, and let the lakers unbearable burden, repeatedly defeated. Third, the up and down the lakers haven't considered pau gasol emotions, a trade rumors with the players, how could he north face down vest have more mood play, he will understand, tomorrow the battlefield will be hard for who, after all, pau gasol is fame achievement, Spain's national champion, also be called on the world stars.The lakers' overall structure imbalance, is too strong and too weak in together, will only grueling party, plus warcraft into the lakers' time is not long, experience in handsome storm, the lakers this season news too rich, tactical cannot play, players too concentrated, but not display the best level. According to this condition game, the lakers' best choice away pau gasol, give the team from salary, and at the same time let pau gasol is free, pau gasol is already is grave, but on fashion, for the average for the team, he has irreplaceable rich combat experience, both sides, so as to save each other from egg pain, dispute continuously, accusing repeatedly, there the north face gloves is no team fighting spirit of mutual complementary.Climate, favorable location, and is also applicable to the United States, the NBA is also so, of course, still have some reason not to the east. People all say the shrine is the stage of technical work, but also inequality so, some people will more than male leaders with English. And some proficient skills, ability not common actors in their happiness like flowers, and peer failure the elder brothers is too deep for tears, count active alliance inside five happiness rough elder brother man. Happiness rough brother NO1: castoff tyson chandler - happiness index 16 16 16 16 16; Reference shuai elder brother: brand. Joe emperor retired + Jackson seclusion after the bulls age and didn't give brand and chandler it into the opportunity, the former to the clippers until injury before stop has been twenty + 10 club, and a champion damage and technology comprehensive than inside were 50% more north face jacket likely to both heaven and earth, seemed don't. But then? Money always the next career move into a New Orleans hornets, Dallas and now the knicks, DaBan point guard Paul, Jason kidd, and the things you I know, he become 10 + club members, shooting perennial six by above, this season is to achieve 70% of terror. Then scored the honor: in 2007 the American basketball championship title; The 2010 world basketball championship; 2011 NBA champion. In 2012 the NBA defensive player as well as a champion of the Olympic Games. Than his long both of top brand? 7 years of injuries, then turn in 76 and now Dallas, is for future pension contract and hard...Low sequence outstanding inside long people nearly a few season Andrew Jordan most lucky, on the one hand, young man to catch up with the clippers reconstruction, fit the team blueprint plan; On the other hand it is empty after cheap north face jacket city, Paul and Chauncey; And the other inside griffin are trying to comprehensive power forward over the color area as far as possible to fall the randy demon male. As a result, small Jordan marched straight muhammad template, have different, the child is the left and right hook refine, is beyond the potential. At the 10 + 8 data he got 4 years 4270 does not poor salary, tower bit? As long 2 pick, the former was proposed for future star players since the four seasons has been toss grizzly bear, rocket, Portland and thunder four old club, like a as his motto. Next season, he will also get a paper contract? 2 wheel and sequence in the Turkish long bull two seasons with refined data is: 13 minutes 3 points and four rebounds, and shortage of rockets inside are three years about 24.22 million fertilizer. You can explain to yao Ming age Alexander still try to internationalization effect (LinShuHao not signed yet), then, in this have no inside can dig team, made magnificent and victorious, the double 10 + club. Native variable phoenix, night into a star. And the other a pure version,
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