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the king's bench won a little small

Posted Dec 26 2012 1:29am
points and 15 seconds the nuggets 86 - and lead. Brooks hit a 3-pointer to brewer respond to three points, the nuggets and even take 7 points, they have advantage to open 34 points. XinSi test for button score, Johnson also dunk successful, the Kings in the first three quarters ZhanBa trailed 67-97 with 30 points. The large gap make the game time to waste time, both sides Nike Hyperfuse 2012 USA do sent substitute, the king's bench won a little small, but they are still in a 97-122 loss. Two embarrassing scene appeared in the first quarter, Howard first attack was Turner foul ball, after 1 minute call is kwame brown directly take off, although carry "floor decimated" blame for many years, but kwame not only being questioned is he also has considerable strength in defense, and Howard one-on-one positive competition he step is not retreated, eight minutes 23 seconds, Howard back body singles forced layup, brown head-on is a record big hat will be the ball directly fan out the bottom line. Depressed? Yes, this is when Howard face. The first quarter Howard active the ball hit brown at least 4 times, no one can have the upper hand, time section Cheap Nike Hyperfuse 2012 Howard finally score, but that was 76 squad rotation during the period of things, but the first half "warcraft" total 7 times singles brown, the ball only once the ball will be sent to the basket. At this time the lakers may rely on the good feeling of three break up with gorgeous attack, once in more than ten points lead in the paint, Howard had flat, but also let the other side defense have intention to not intentional of narrowing the scope. At the same time, there are two detail also cannot ignore, the first quarter was first brown cap, Howard took rebounds, assists CiShiPing share three hands, the second time Adidas Power Howard 3 the lakers take back the ball, also in the repeated conduction with the ball after the DuHong hit a 3-pointer from the two goals can see, Howard attack the basket for the Los Angeles lakers hindered, is not the end of the world, as long as he played the role of the storm containment, the lakers can play half throw 10 15 3-pointers in such amazing performance. Besides, since have "warcraft" name,.Howard will not keep silent, the second half up two storm are successful, the lakers up in a new wave of attack high tide, from inner to outer, the lakers today's offense very smooth, all this is not to say Howard credit is the largest, but the game play to this later, Howard send out five assists have tied a season high. The defensive end, the lakers led by 14 after entering the fourth, Howard large cap blocked many rell - Wright, kwame brown once let Howard ChiBie, but Howard is Dwight Howard Shoes only let brown to 2 points, in addition, Howard also send out three steals, and in the game near the end of a cast to even with four points, at this time his personal data already reached two double, and ultimately the lakers also win victory without battle in 111-98 to get easily winning streak. The lakers on the road today challenge 76, and finally to a 111-98 win. The bench of the performance of the two people have to mention to LiuSi - morris full play only eighteen points twenty seconds, 8 throw in 5 had 15 points and two assists; Judy - m Banks play 36 points 5 seconds, ten shots had 12 points and two rebounds and four steals. Coincidentally, the MM with the combination of the fraction (27 points) is just the other 76 article the bench and total score.When it comes to the two men, in fact, in the team is not completely the same orientation, m Banks from the beginning of the season will bear the team's sixth man,
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