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the Japanese teachers and students and let us feel more at men's nike air max 90 home

Posted Dec 25 2012 8:29am
Mr. courier sent me - last year I June produced in Yamagata's life according to my beautiful wishes for beautiful photo frame. Beautiful photos, suddenly brought back memories of my visit to Japan delegation visited Japan to participate in China's outstanding high school students OK.The heart expectations, new futureOn June 1, we came to the Tokyo Metropolitan Naruse High School. Where the warm hospitality of the Japanese teachers and students, and let us feel more at men's nike air max 90 home.Naruse high school, not the school, but the tree is a lot, especially the cherry tree, which is the junction cherry, dolphin cherry like gem embedded in the tree, bits and pieces is truly fascinating. Sato principals see our surprise, invited us to come off tasting, I tasted a little different on the appearance of that cherry and Chinese cherry, but the taste is very strange, like tomatoes.

Unconsciously, we came to the playground, I saw scattered and orderly environment for the layout and everywhere can feel a naive and beauty sports arena, and Japanese students begin danced a traditional welcome dance, jumping and leaping evolved into a huge red heart. The action is consistent color arrangement is so harmonious. Dancing hearts, flashing in the sun, jumping, such as a Roubo trickle down to my heart, so I am very touched. Oh, I see, they dance expression "expectations of the heart, the good intentions of the future".Leave Naruse high school, we are reluctantly, it seems that we are a family, like air max 2011 for sale brothers and sisters. Sitting in the car, the Japanese students even told us, kept waving, and I could not bear to watch any more, only with a camera to record all moving scenes.I had thought that Japanese students are very friendly, like a year in Nanjing, the Japanese wantonly killing Chinese compatriots. When you see them, however, are left for their friendly, cheerful, enthusiastic and impressed. Mr. Lu said much better, and "we remain brothers smile can melt away allies and enemies."
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