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The Holiday Sugar High, Fact or Fiction?

Posted Dec 23 2008 2:39pm

Give any kid a lot of sugar and they’ll be bouncing off the walls, right?  Maybe not.  According to a report by 60 Second Psych, a Scientific American podcast, a study has shown that it may not be true at all. In fact, one study suggest that the increased hyperactivity may be more in the mind of the observer than in the actions of the children who are wolfing down those candy canes.

In the stdy in question a group of 30 boys were given a galss of sugar-free Kool Aid®.  Some of the mothers were told that their kids were given a drink that was very high in sugar, while others were told the actual contents of the drink.  The mothers who thought their children had consumed a lot of sugar tended to report more hyperactive behavior than before the child was given the drink.

So this Christmas go ahead and let the kids have one or two extra cookies.  If they’re hyper, it’s probably because of the presents and all the relatives hanging around, not the sugar.

Merry Christmas!

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