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The feeling is that ordinary nike shox tl3 cheap people can not understand as a citizen of China

Posted Jan 07 2013 6:22am
Secondly, we should pay attention to everything around them, the environment. Health. The power of the humanities, and perhaps a little of its impact, but a person's behavior can affect a home and a school, a country ... language is a very important aspect, reflecting the quality of my door and thinking, so, we want to create an good ideological and ethical standards, protect the environment, to show in August 2008 will be a clean. Civilization. Development. United family.Finally, we deal with our behavior to be recognition and praise, we knew that "efforts may not succeed, but to give up a certain failure", so we all pay for their asics trainers for sale own actions, there will be record world records, will be trampled into the foot of the danger, but we should always clenched fist, and told myself: We must. As well as to strengthen the physical exercise, to learn the most glorious part of the Olympics.

As middle school students, when the Olympics come to our side, we are also for the college entrance examination and hard work, but we are confident of success of the Olympic Games: we will write unceasing written immensely proud of the Olympic Games: depicting the Olympic Games with his paintbrush. head: with a loud voice singing the night of the Olympics longing; vigorous pace sacred symbol of the Olympic Games .I want to sing a song, sing the song of the first Olympic Games to sing into the hearts of everyone, sing the entire land of China, and sing to every corner of the world.We still intoxicated moment President Samaranch announced on July 13, 2001, when he passionately say "Beijing" word addition to the excitement, there is excitement. The feeling is that ordinary nike shox tl3 cheap people can not understand, as a citizen of China, which is the heart God has given our feelings, we should thank God in our body branded with the seal of China, the hearts of the descendants of the blood stream, and look forward to 08 the arrival of whom contribute to a force.
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