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The difference between the instant access modern world and the older generation (or ADD and non ADD thinking?)

Posted Apr 04 2009 11:48pm

For those of us who have adjusted to the instancy of the internet world, waiting is abhorrent. We have cell phones and computers and cable. We don’t need to wait for news, of any kind.

My mother, on the other hand, has a cell phone and a computer, but does not use them in the same way. Her brain has not wrapped around all the potential of these devices. As a matter of fact, when she upgraded her phone last, she wanted a camera phone. I knew she would never remember who to use the camera, down load pictures etc. So I talked her out of it. Forget texting!

My nephew got sick and was rushed to the hospital last night. I told my mom to call when she heard, any time. She called at around 9pm to tell me he was being given an ECG. Then nothing.

I called her this morning. She said that my brother did not ‘come’ tell her anything when they got in around midnight. He and my sister –in- law were babysitting the girls while Mom and Dad were at the hospital. Wow! She didn’t get up to find out. She didn’t ‘need’ to know? I guess she figured if they were home that early that everything was ok.

Even in the morning, she took the time to do her morning exercises and her routine. If I was going to do that I would have called downstairs to find out what happened (my brother lives in a large retreat sized house). I would have used text or email if I didn’t want to call. There are so many ways to communicate these days.

It turns out the hospital sent him home, without knowing exactly the cause of his problem, with Motrin. We are claiming that prayer took care of whatever it was and he is fine today. He doesn’t even need the Motrin.

So is it generational or ADD vs. Non ADD? Probably both. The Modern world is getting more and more ADD compatible. I love it. Convertible

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