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the cheap nike air max 1 sound echoed in my heart Did not go without whom

Posted Dec 08 2012 2:45am
Life, enrich fewer. Thanks to want to love, will go to watch, perhaps, it is just a wait. The arrival of waiting for a loved one, to find, and have been looking for that story, which people live in my heart, because I know the man can not do without. Missing is not complete. Who would not want to be perfect? Perhaps, just because we are too young. Held your hand walking .Time fade away, emotional cruising in the pipeline in the production line. The sound when listening machine work, chaos air max 90 sale trouble arises spontaneously. Life is confined to a small garden in which Sitting there, a man, sitting alone. Looked at the side past the pedestrian, watching those strange faces. Listening to mp3, head high to see the sky, and only there, can give comfort to him, you can give people unlimited reverie. Not is not, always felt outside of the circle of life is not his own. Thus, a person, learned to watch.

Catcher in the daytime. Watching the dazzling light, transparent liquid cheek. So let it leave. Catcher in the night. In the dead of night, the stars at night, counting the stars. Watch, they feel lonely. But, dreams do not know where.Use of idle time to wait or Rye. At the same time in the same location, far. One by one with a smiling face, such as blooming flowers to go. The laughter broke the silence, the cheap nike air max 1 sound echoed in my heart. Did not go without whom speak, afraid to go. Afraid this all crumble.Do not know your eyes fast interest rates, that is love or something. A person stick to their ideals, always lonely, these elusive things, or stick, even if others do not understand, say their own stubbornness. In fact, just want to be able to look at you, have you accompany the road we have traveled together has not changed.
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