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The ADHD Debate Rages On

Posted Jul 11 2008 5:10pm

Apparently I have issues. Yep! I have always had most of these issues, and I have learned over the years how these issues affect my life and how they show themselves. But most of all - I know my issues are my identity. I don’t have a label… I don’t have a diagnosis… Rather I am just who I am, and that’s just the way I like it.

Now this might sound crass or offensive, but that is not the intent.

Actually, it is really just my way of saying “I understand who I am. I know what makes me different, and I know just what makes me tick.”

I suppose in some way this post today is in response to, or really more in celebration of a conversation I had last night with a dear friend and colleague who also just happens to be the President-Elect of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA).

My dear friend is convinced I have ADHD. And despite having never been diagnosed - even after having been evaluated and tested for ADHD - it sure would explain a lot.

And the reason I am sharing this with you today. I just got back from Men’s Warehouse, where I was fitted for a tuxedo. All I can say is: “Yuck, I have issues, and I totallydespisetrying on clothes.”

That’s why i have issues.

I found myself re-living experiences from childhood. They rage on into adulthood…

  • I still find myself in-between shoe sizes.
  • I like my shirts to fit a certain way
  • The tuxedo jacket was either too small or too big
  • And most of all - I hate making decisions.

I even told the gentleman taking my measurements that I really should have brought my wife with me. That’s right - I told him that I got married and don’t get to make decisions like these anymore.

I meant it in jest, and I meant it in reality. I HATE getting fitted for clothes - especially when it’s not the clothes I normally wear.

And honestly - let’s look at all the things I might have:

It could be ADHD.   Or maybe it’s sensory-integration disorder.  It certainly could be seen as a little bit of anxiety, maybe even toss in some insecurity and weight issues…

And of course - it really could be all of those things wrapped into one.

So why this rant today?

ADHD or not - I am who I am. I know what I need in life. I know what works for me, what to expect in situations that don’t, and I make sure that I put myself in more situations that work for me than in situations that don’t.

Forgive my rant (or enjoy it). I’ll get back to more tips, tactics, and strategies in my next post.

And in the meantime, if you find yourself just as confused as me or as so many other people are about what is ADHD, what is not ADHD, and all things in between - feel free to sign up to receive more tips (and apparent rants) like thisright here!

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