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The ADD Awareness Big Challenge

Posted Oct 05 2011 3:49pm

I recently had a conversation with a person who was curious and asked, “what is it like inside that ADD brain of yours?” I thought it was a great question. It spawned a pretty good conversation too. Ironically, ADHD Awareness week is approaching October 16-22 and it got me thinking about the general awareness, or lack of. I’m sure there are an awful lot of people out there who ponder the same question when they are around people with ADD. It’s only natural. One of my points I noted during this conversation was that most people could not imagine what goes though my head in a one hour period. At times my mind can create thoughts, ideas and go off on tangents that are so creative and inventive it would take 10 people to process it all and act productively on it. I also noted that in my case, ADD management was also about learning to prioritize and focus on only the thoughts I needed to focus and execute on. With ADHD Awareness week approaching, my challenge to you is simple. Who can you interact with and open their thoughts up on ADD/ADHD? It doesn’t have to be a major shift or education, just something simple. Let’s see what you can accomplish, and please share your experiences.

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