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The 1 Month Budget

Posted Jun 03 2009 4:51pm

As someone who does not have ADHD, I love to plan. There have been times in my life, where I have prepared and tried to stick to budgets that have been for a year or longer. Honestly I think my budget plan was pretty sound, and logically there should have been no reason why I could not stick to it.

What I did not take into account was the physical, emotional, and mental barriers that we encounter every day. My budget did not take into account that things broke, and had to be repaired or replaced. I did not take into account times when I just wanted to do something, or get something. I did not deal well when I was unable to stick to my budget, and therefore gave myself permission to continue to make bad financial decisions because I had already blown my plan for the year.

I still continue to do longer term financial planning when it comes to certain financial goals. My current budget however is for just a month. I know there are a lot of people reading this, that just shiver when I mention the term budget, however having a one month budget is simple enough to prepare, and is an important tool to help you prioritize your spending. If you prepare your budget on a spread sheet, it is something that should only take a couple of minutes each month to update. The most important aspect of the one month budget for me is that it forces me to focus on the present. It is harder for me to push off paying down a loan, or putting less money in my savings, because I can' t put if off on my budget. It is important for allof us to keep the majority of our financial focus on the present, it is where all of the action takes place that will help shape our financial future.

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