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Posted Apr 13 2010 12:00am

Oh TGIF . . . that always brings me back to elementary school. Did you guys watch TGIF on Friday nights? Sometimes I still watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch when its on. Why dont they still play Boy Meets World? That was a classic! 

I am at my parents house now until Sunday. I stopped at my house on the way home from work yesterday and threw some stuff in a bag. Of course, I forgot deodorant, facial moisturizer and cleanser.

I had to make a trip up to Choices anyhow to get some groceries, so I just bought the stuff I forgot. I didnt feel like going back home, and I was going to need it all soon enough anyhow. I was starving, and made the trip to the store and back in record time. 4o minutes from the time I walked out the door until the time I walked back in. Choices isnt all that close either, I may have broken just about every traffic law, but we’ll just pretend like that didnt happen.

I picked up some gnocchi for dinner, and some pesto sauce. I usually make my own pesto, but I was too hungry to even consider it. Plus, this stuff looked really good.

While the gnocchi cooked, I munched on a salad and watched some tv.

My mom made the salad for me. She had it ready and waiting when I got here. :)

How awesome is it that they have a tv in the kitchen? I thought my mom was crazy when she got it (it was free) and said she was going to put it in the kitchen. But I love it.

The great thing about gnocchi is how quickly it cooks. By the time I got through my salad it was ready!

The pesto was AWESOME btw – I will definitely be buying it again.

Because of my grocery store trip, my workout schedule got totally messed up. Instead of going for a run, I decided to walk the dogs after dinner. Longest walk of my life! I wound up only taking them around the block, and that took twenty minutes. One dog would pee, and the other would have to pee over it, and then the other would go back and pee there again. It just went on and on and on. Good thing theyre cute eh?

Right now, Im lounging on my parents couch with my sweet dog on my lap and eating some oatmeal. I have extra time in the mornings when Im here, because I dont have to drop the dog off!

Life is rough!

I hope you’re all having a great start to your Fridays! Any big weekend plans?

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