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Teva’s Generic Adderall XR

Posted Jul 17 2009 11:50pm

In April of 2009, Adderall XR went generic.

My first thought was: here we go again.

When the immediate release form of Adderall went generic a few years ago, it caused a shitstorm.  In particular, CorePharma’s cheap pink generic version of Adderall IR caused a shitstorm that I participated in.

For one, the pink generic Adderall was noticeably different from its orange predecessor.  Moreover, I simply do not believe the standard industry line that generic medications are “exactly the same” as their branded counterparts, given the leeway that generic drug producers have when it comes to binders and fillers.

The thousands of responses I received to my posts on this topic indicate that others tend to agree.  I’m wondering if some of these same issues arose (or are arising) with the generic extended release form of Adderall.

The new generic Adderall XR is produced by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, a pharmaceutical company that mergered with Barr Pharmaceuticals in 2008.   Barr laboratories had previously produced a generic Adderall immediate release, which I found less unpleasant than CorePharma’s pink Adderall.

But it’s also noteworthy that Teva was sued by Shire Laboratories in 2006 over patent issues.  Shire was the original patent holder for brand named Adderall.  It was around that time that many of us first began to notice the difference between generic and brand Adderall.  (I sure hope the clowns at CorePharma weren’t tinkering with the recipe to avoid lawsuits.)

I can’t speak from personal experience regarding Teva’s new generic Adderall XR, but early reports from friends and associates of mine are that “The timed release went generic and now it sucks.”

The Food & Drug Administration has a contact page.  People who notice these sorts of problems are encouraged to notify the FDA.

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