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Suspicious tissue husband can not wait for my own solution

Posted Sep 07 2013 6:47am

 You married sisters: How are you, if you find her husband masturbating, you would react? Yesterday was the weekend, my husband and I at home, had wanted him to go with me to visit, he said that the wedding night to drink with me, and I want to go to the afternoon, the last person to go out, go out when he said he And I really want to ML, I had no mood to say, so I came back again ML, he also agreed. But after more than two hours, I came back to see a lot of tissue in the trash, I asked him not to solve their own, he smiled and said yes ah. I was furious, to find that he loses his temper came. I said I would have found you have this phenomenon, but I did not say that サンダル. His company is not busy because of the recent afternoon, do not go to work, a person at home playing games, I sometimes go back to the trash will see abnormal findings, I am a relatively careful person. But he looked at me more than I like the fire, "said who told you to go out?" He also threw things .. UGG Maylin.... like he did, it is a matter of course, I really can not understand UGG ベイリーボタン. In the evening he wanted to ML, I said aunt came, finally helped him to take the other way, he shot it. In fact, I also want him ML, but my heart for his own solution afternoon brooding convince myself, so it refused. In fact, we usually still very harmonious married life, he really can not stand before their own to solve it? You sisters help me, he was this normal? I Gairuhezou this shadow UGG クラシック.. UGG ハンドバッグ....


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