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suffering from congenital diseases accounted

Posted Mar 07 2013 3:24am

Reflect the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau received more than ten million property costs. The investigation, Shiyan City Children's Welfare Institute property from Shiyan City Property  nike air max 2010 on sale   Management Limited, in accordance with the provisions of the contract, property costs Municipal Children's Welfare Institute Huatong pay. City Children's Welfare Institute moved to its present site in October 2012, the operator has only 5 months. As of now, the the Huatong property company not to charge property management fees.
According to the current investigation, in view of the work of the nursery Wang Xiuying careless failure to effectively stop the two children melee, injuring a child, the adverse impact on the community, to sanction Interim Provisions "under the institution staff, decided to nurse Wang Xiuying out of position, demerit; City Children's Welfare Institute in the presence of management is not in place, the Institute's director, Zhu paid Qin leadership responsibility, given administrative demerits punishment in accordance with the relevant provisions of Zhu paid piano work, and interdiction.
Shiyan City, the civil affairs department has carried out in the whole system management services investigation activities of social welfare institutions, once discovered, timely rectification and sincerely accept the supervision of the media and the community.
Shiyan notification does not allow users to be fully convinced, yesterday morning after the results of the official investigation, netizens council presents poles: party agree with the local investigation and processing results, the party believes that the truth of the incident is yet to be doubts.
Reporters found that, since 2012, the   nike air max 2011 cheap   Children's Welfare Institute in Shiyan City death seven children, all concentrated in three months last winter,. 7 people 6 people died in the orphanage, before the term "died in hospital, the real for the welfare clinic, located in the hospital on the first floor, and two nurses.
The FUEL wide Shiyan City Bureau of Civil Affairs Commission for Discipline Inspection, also the survey group spokesman. He briefed the reporters, Shiyan City Children's Welfare Institute 147 adoption of orphans and disabled children and abandoned babies. According to reports, these children with disabilities and suffering from congenital diseases accounted for 96% the hospital existing staff of 19 people.
"Every child has the file, when admitted to hospital, how sent, what disease has proved." Xing said the general adoption   nike air max 2012 shoes sale   of children from several sources, and some welfare institutions opened the door, saw the door abandoned baby; some social good-hearted people sent; also some are handed over to the of grassroots police station or the grassroots civil affairs department. "
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