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such as hook and nike blazer high are also deemed a boat and do not know who thought

Posted Jan 12 2013 6:19am
Wind and rain sent Chungui snow Spring is the cliff baizhang ice, worse than pretty flowers. Pretty nor Zhengchun, only the spring reported until the time when flowers are blooming, she in a pair of laughing." Mao Zedong first Yongmei, a good illustration of the Samuume flowers are blooming, do not contend with all the wood, the noble cheap supra footwear character of abstinence. This character is what we today or missing, we all should learn this character Samuume. The total solar eclipse ", is a common natural landscape, but today I had the honor to see this spectacle.Morning I hear a lot of talk about the total solar eclipse on the street, that the uncle said: "Today is a good day! Few about 2 hours, the sun will be obscured by the moon, there have been five hundred years before the time of a total solar eclipse. "and he was talking about the old man said:" You said it right, hard to see a total solar eclipse. eh, I'm to old age can also see this spectacle really Sanshengyouxing, ...... "I am came to understand the total solar eclipse once in a century, I am somewhat admire himself.

I had breakfast, looked at the time, "Yeah, 8:00, did not have time to buy observation mirror, only to see a total solar eclipse that process myself". The "heaven pays off", neighbors buy more observation mirror, I took a look at. I moved the lens in front of the eyes, looked up at the sun, the sun is missing above a small mouth, this process is called "early loss". Neighbor kids and I yelled, "there has been, there have been!" About 1 hour 13 minutes, the sun is getting into a shape, such as hook and nike blazer high are also deemed a boat and do not know who thought it was the moon it This is called "Whole Foods before, and neighbors screamed. All of a sudden after 2 minutes, the temperature, the rapid decline in brightness. Montreal spent the chilly wind Nongying; month glimpse of a pavilion in the mountains. Autumn night playing continues, her beautiful moon will pass everyone. Fireworks in March in Yangzhou "the March in Yangzhou pleasant scenery, and stream overflow everywhere deep spring, like a painter Pomo rendered picture. It is precisely because of this, our family went to the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou play.
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