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students practice essay pointed nike blazer high out the pros and cons propose modified evaluation

Posted Jan 18 2013 7:29am
Fifth, a sensitive heart. China's famous educator Tao said this sentence: "We must become as little children, only with the child President." From the words of Mr., we can easily understand, if we do not go with the kids together all education will only become castles in the air, and then, how to make the process of education enjoyable process for teachers and students reasonable interaction, and thus received cheap supra footwear good educational effect? Years of education told me, walked into the student's life, to do the close friends of the students is a road to success. Educational activities is a two-way, teachers respect the students, in order to win the respect of the students; teachers put ourselves in the sake of the students, student teacher will understand, appreciate the hard work of the teachers for their growth. Thus, in the process of education, the students will naturally with the teacher, the teacher's educational activities will have a multiplier effect.

Batches of less change is intended to inspire; slightly changed after use the famous classic or the text of the original sentence, the next comment is to the students; insert reviews consulted style statement hinted students, teachers are expecting him to answer with actions.Keywords: junior high school language essay marking artistry.Writing comments on language teachers, students practice essay pointed nike blazer high out the pros and cons, propose modified evaluation comments or suggestions, its role is to let students know how to improve your writing. It is a continuation of the composition teaching, but also teachers and students bidirectional exchange text form. A comment is a good essay, not only can effectively guide the students to write the essay, but also to promote the emotional interaction with the students, enhance understanding and friendship between the students and teachers.
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